Seminar – Exhibition Area

The 140-square metre seminar/exhibition area offers space for a maximum of 50 guests with theatre and 30 with parliamentary seating. This space is often used together with the plenary hall, for instance, for parallel (industry) exhibitions or back-office use, for workshops, break-outs, short and long breaks, champagne receptions or get-togethers.

The seminar/exhibition area and the plenary hall are connected by an intermediate space that can be used as required as a check-in area, for a catering station, as buffer space or for small working groups.

The cloakroom can also be used for other purposes by simply pushing the coat racks aside. This space has often been used by small working groups or by shorthand writers at AGMs, or by people who just wanted to take some time off.

Technical Information
Theatre style
50 participants
Parliament style
30 participants
140 sqm
3,45 m – 4,15 m
Mobile stage pedestals (2 sqm – 8 sqm)
Technical equipment
Full-HD-video-/ data projector (1024 x 768 / min. 2.400 ANSI), HDMI-capable
Tripod screen 250 x 140
Flatscreens, 42“
Sound system
Adjustable lighting
Internet access (W-LAN Hotspot, LAN, DSL)
Additional equipment
Natural daylight in all function rooms (can be darkened)
WCs connected to sound system
Presentation equipment (Flipcharts, Pinboards, Facilitator´s tool case, Overhead projectors)

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